I mean, there are tons of other reputable, great companies out there, right? So WHY Young Living over the others?


This question was brought up in a Facebook group I am a part of and the answers in the discussion thread were legit. I mean, mind blowing, amazing. So of course I had to ask them if I could share their nuggets of wisdom with the world and they said absolutely! (Hooray!)  There are a few things I really want you to take away from this points:

  1. COMMUNITY. The community you find in Young Living is unparalleled to anything out there. The COMMUNITY becomes your family. They laugh with you. They cry with you. They take your back when you have nothing to give.
  2. INTEGRITY. This company is so very committed to giving you the very best. This industry is not regulated. This means that not a single company HAS to have rigorous standards for their products. Young Living chose to have the highest standards.
  • “There are a ton of oil companies, some are actually very good quality. But. They outsource their oils and don’t always know for sure the quality, and some are cut with other oils and aren’t 100% pure. Therapeutic grade and seed to seal verbiage is definitely up for debate, as they are terms made and assigned by the oil companies themselves. There are no outside regulatory agencies so it is up to the individual oil companies to assign rules and regulations for the quality of their products. I use and like all kinds of oils, but I can say that after tons of research, there is not a company out there that does as much rigorous testing and holds as high of standards as YL. And they do it because they have integrity, not because they have to. Because they don’t have to, a lot of oil companies just don’t do the same. The best thing you can do for someone that is of an intellectual mindset is to encourage her to come to her own understanding by reading and doing her own research. She will come to the conclusion on her own, as I did. It’s really not even a competition. YL has excellent standards, and sells pure oils. Not everyone does, even if they are good oils they just aren’t the same quality.” -MR
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  • “YL hired a third party regulatory company to help create the audit system they would use to grade the process of Seed to seal from beginning to end, and they apply those standards to the three types of sources they get from: the corporate farms they own, the partner farms, and the seed to seal certified suppliers. Those are the only places they get their ingredients from. And the audit covers everything from farming practices to the legal aspects the company has to uphold, the safety guidelines for the farm hands, the wages, everything. It’s an in-depth process. I went to a session about it at convention… 

    They also test everything multiple times, by an inside and outside lab. No other company takes that much time to cultivate their plants (they let lavender grow for three years before harvest). They’re an amazing company. CSC Global is the company that certifies their standards for the seed to seal promise.” -MM


And my absolute very favorite–from someone that took almost a year to decide to join the Young Living community:

 “I’ve read a lot of articles from every angle. Shay tried to get me on board a long time ago but I had to make the decision on my own. And I almost went with the D word. But it came down to 1) the community and 2) the integrity. Seed to seal means nothing to an intellectual because they know it’s a term YL coined. But they will also read and digest the truth—because it’s out there—and eventually will come around.” -MR

With Young Living you get:

  • Education
  • Inegrity
  • A company conscious in the environmental and social responsibilities that come with planting and growing
  • A company that pays fair wages WORLD WIDE
  • A company that treats their employees, members, everybody with respect

“It is important in this time in our lives to feel good about what we’re doing. Not just put an oil on it to make the problem go away, but where do the oils come from, are they good quality, are they filled with pesticides or cut with lower quality oils, are people who work for the company treated and paid fairly, is it possible to succeed in this business, are you just a number or an important member of a community. There are so many factors when choosing who to work for. Allowing a person the room to learn on their own, while also explaining your experience with the people and the company, is the way to help her decide to join. People don’t work for companies. Hell, I almost chose another oil brand because I liked the bottles better. People work for people. And in YL’s case, WITH people.” -MR

(P.S. If you are feeling super connected to MR–trust me, I get it. She has an amazing way with words. You can check her out here. Or you can follow her in social media land @shopmyrrh.)

And if you’re ready to join this journey, click here. I wish I had the words to explain what joy and confidence being with this company has brought to me. And how very much I want to share it with the WORLD. I don’t know if you noticed, but now through June 30, if you get started with a kit, you will receive a free bottle of Cedarwood from me as a welcome gift. (Lavender+Cedarwood=sleep at my house. I don’t know about you–but give me all the sleep!)

Shoot me an email if you want to talk a little bit more before taking the first step. I really, truly do look forward to hearing from you!

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Written by Shay Rafferty
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