So another week has come and gone. It’s been warm. Then cold. Then rainy. Then cold. Our poor bodies are like “what on earth are we supposed to be adjusting to?!?!?” This week flew by in a blur. We started with Superbowl Sunday and I blink and now it’s the following Sunday. I know this post is actually closer to an essay–but bear with me. I promise I’ll start posting more throughout the week and that will help shorten the posts significantly. We are starting to work long hours to get ready for the musical–but come March my time will be a lot more flexible. So. As I said, please bear with me and my storybook posts.

J started the week with a wicked cough so I kept him home on Monday to rest. He refused to take anything–so I broke down and let him choose a medicine. Of course he didn’t choose a homeopathic/natural medicine. Of course, what he DID choose cost me $33 (for a syrup and some kind of chalk stuff). I’m checking out thinking, “yeah-I may buy oils-but I’m not buying this all the time.” Thieves alone keeps us out of any medicine cabinet for the majority of the year. We live in a “flu epidemic” area so anything I can do at this point to keep us as healthy as possible is a must. Even if it means I’m buying products I’d rather not buy.

Since actual Valentine’s Day is also on Ash Wednesday, J Man’s class had their Valentine party on Friday. Clay, J Man and I worked hard on Wednesday night at perfecting Valentine’s boxes. You know what? I just LOVE picking up a kid that is on a full blown sugar rush from school on a Friday afternoon. Said no parent, EVER.



Because when a 2 y/o and 5 y/o have glue…you need ALL the Stress Away. And then probably some more.


His attention span didn’t last very long. Mommy actually had to put a few more stickers on for him. He decided he wanted to play with Playdoh instead (cue more Stress Away–and now maybe throw in some “oily xanax”…)


This guy worked hard from the very beginning and would not stop until it was “just right.” He was very proud of his end product. He said “peace out. This box is Done Son.”


So, as I mentioned earlier, J Man has just not been feeling it lately. I’ve had numerous conversations with his teacher and Tim and I are really trying to get to the bottom of his temper and his “I’m sick all the time” attitude. I asked his teacher if it would be ok if I sent him to school with an essential oil roller bottle. She told me that was fine, so J and I got to work on making him his very own bottle to keep in his backpack. We only had two days of school with his roller bottle, but he didn’t complain and I didn’t get any calls–so I’d say we’re winning.


For this bottle I did 5 drops of Peace and Calming, 5 drops of Frankincense and 5 drops of Ravintsara, topped with an almond carrier oil.

So, on Monday, one of our lovely elected officials, Bart Hester, decided to make this tweet. For those of you that don’t want to wind up in Twitter land, here is the text (and a picture of a UALR billboard with a *gasp* Dance Major featured): Why higher ed does NOT need increase funding. They lease a sign to encourage computer science degrees or math teachers? No they push for dance majors. Lots of hardworking Arkansans subsidizing this! Not ok .

Are you kidding me?!?! Can I tell you that I know biologists, chemists, lawyers, doctors, teachers, politicians (I could go on and on and on) that chose to START their academic careers in the Fine Arts. Who are YOU Mr. Hester to say that computer science degrees and math teachers (this is actually called an education degree, but I digress) are more important and deserve increased funding BUT then imply that Fine Arts degrees do not deserve the same treatment? There is a lot of debate about turning STEM into STEAM because students with consistent exposure to the Arts test higher and are more successful (both at the professional and personal/social levels).

I don’t usually get on soap boxes, but I stayed on this one most of the week. My mind just can’t wrap around this mentality. I try to stay clear of politics, because let’s be honest, I’d much rather talk about oils and what crazy antics my little monsters are up to, but this one just BLEW MY MIND.

You know, it’s a shame these students aren’t learning anything in MY theatre arts class—especially skills like team building, problem solving, math and science:

We ended the weekend by sending the boys to Montessori’s Parents’ Night Out. We dropped them off and ran with another couple (who also dropped their kids off) and had us a FANTASTIC grown up meal at an amazing grown up restaurant. Of course, no pictures were taken. We were too busy enjoying adult conversation, adult food and adult beverages.

On Saturday we just lounged around the house (rainy and cold). The boys made us dinner, pizza!! These moments are so sweet…


Because let’s be real, this is what the rest of the weekend really looked like:

Til next time!


Written by Shay Rafferty
I help families shift to living live a life of wellness and abundance by using natural, plant-based products.