While I was sitting in the airport to fly home, I had some time to do some reflecting.

To start, last February I started a brand new journey. It was horrifying, exhilarating, nerve wrecking, relaxing…all the feels. Literally, all the feels. Fast forward…

For the past four days I’ve been in Salt Lake City to learn everything I could about Young Living. I first fell in love with this company because it helped Jack so much with sleep (I just wanted sleep!), but then I found emotional support and seasonal support for myself. Then, Tim found products he loves for pre and post workout. I’ve found oil combos that help alleviate temper tantrums, that help little boys with owies and I could go on and on.


I didn’t get oils to start a business. I had failed at network marketing before, so I certainly had no intention to do that again. I was so wrong for thinking this–that all networking marketing companies are the same. And yes, I just said I’m in network marketing. Why? Because I believe in the power of these products and 100% believe they should be in every single house. EVERY SINGLE HOUSE. Everyone should have the chance to fall in love. Because I have so much conviction, I left teaching and decided to go all in with Young Living. Because I BELIEVE that much in the product.

You don’t have to start a business to get going with oils. In fact, most people don’t do the business. They just love their products. But if you want to start the business journey, you can do that too, and I would be thrilled to have you along on this journey with me. This company aligns 100% with MY education and MY passions and it gives me the opportunity to share these passions with others. The chance to reconnect with long time friends and to make amazing connections with new friends.

This life is bigger than working for the weekend. This life is about relationships and fulfilling what you were put here to do. To live passionately, to love passionately (and oil up while doing it, of course!). This life is precious and this planet offers us so much more than what processed products do and we need to value it as such.

This year’s theme was Freedom. Freedom to do all the things. And guess what? I HAVE taken my freedom back and I hope you can see that joy and happiness within me here in social media land or in person.


This joy, this happiness, this wellness is in surplus. This means YOU can have it too. And when I say surplus–I mean surplus. You can join the journey across the world. Literally. Across the world. And better yet…YL announced markets opening in China and the Philippines. You know I love educating, and truly felt called to it. I love helping people achieve their best lives. I truly, passionately want to help you, too. If you are tired of the stress, the physical ailments, the feeling that you don’t have control of what your family is using to even clean the house, I am here to help you take control back. I am here to show you how EASY it is. Let’s do this.

When you experience being on the farm where the lavender is grown, and you get to feel the mountain air and sunshine on your face and the true passion and commitment this company has for its products and members, you will understand. Join this journey with me and be confident in that step. Know my belief in this journey is so much bigger and stronger than any disbelief thrown my way ❤️❤️❤️

Written by Shay Rafferty
I help families shift to living live a life of wellness and abundance by using natural, plant-based products.