Moms need oils. Dads need oils. Kids need oils. Even our furbabies need oils. So, stop delaying. This brand new Premium Starter Kit is worth every penny.

Let’s break this down:

Lavender: This is the most versatile oil out there. Use it for relaxation, seasonal support, all things skin, all things sleep. You will fall in love.

Lemon: Amazing for cleaning (stains, Sharpies, you know…whatever shows up in your house because you’re Raising Little Monsters), uplifting your spirit when it is feeling down, detoxing your body from things you put in your body.

Copaiba: This gem is soothing and amazing to help soothe aches and pains. This oil can also be used to enhance other oils and their effects on your system.

Peppermint: This can cool off an overheated body, supports your tummy, and is amazing at opening airways when those seasonal sniffles have gotten you.

Frankincense: you know the old adage “it was good enough for Baby Jesus.” Because yep, it’s amazing. Liquid gold. Provides grounding, wrinkles hate it, and promotes overall wellbeing. Who wouldn’t want Frank in their lives?!?!

Panaway: Supports your muscles and joints (for those days that you take your boys to the park and wind up carrying the two year old for over a mile and a half…), tames tension and provides soothing.

Thieves: Immunity booster, cleansing for your systems, promotes overall wellness. WIN. WIN. WIN.

Stress Away: just like the label says. Every mama/daddy needs this oil in their arsenal. Every teacher needs this oil in their arsenal. This is a must have. And it comes in the Premium Starter Kit! (it also comes in the Ningxia Red Starter Kit and the Basic Starter Kit).

Citrus Fresh: *NEW* Use for purifying, promoting happy emotions and support your immunity. I’m diffusing this as a type with Blue Tansy and it smells heavenly.

Raven: *NEW* all things respiratory. ALL THINGS.

Thieves Cleaner Packet: *NEW* THIS IS THE BEST CLEANER EVER. And…it’s toxic free. You don’t get a headache or dried skin when using this baby. It’s amazing.

Ningxia Red 2 ounce Packets (2): Every mama needs all the energy. This will do it. Full of antioxidants it also boosts immunity and provides overall support to all the systems.

NOW AVAILABLE AS A DIFFUSER OPTION: The Desert Mist Diffuser. This guy can run up to 10 hours. Has different light options and is oh so beautiful. I hoard this gem in my bedroom. Because you know, I was noticing that I would wake up when my DewDrop shut off after four hours. Now I don’t wake up. Because the Desert Mist is still running when I wake up. Cue angels rejoicing: AHHHHHHH!

The time is now to get started. You won’t regret it. Message me or comment here and we’ll get you rocking and rolling!

Hope you’re having an amazing Saturday!


Written by Shay Rafferty
I help families shift to living live a life of wellness and abundance by using natural, plant-based products.