Be You.

If you’re not feeling vibrant, energized, glowing, happy and healthy in every fiber of your being, something is wrong.


Very wrong. Because we all deserve to feel our very best each and every day. We all should strive to be the very best-versions-of-ourselves every. single. day.

Furthermore–if you’re not feeling your best and you find yourself comparing yourself to others, stop. There is only one you–and YOU should be YOU. Not Jenny from the block. Nope. Just You.

Despite the fact that we all constantly feel some form of stress, fatigue, that we’re not the right weight, that we don’t do our jobs the best way, blah, blah, blah…they are not a normal feelings and we should never accept them as normal feelings.

Put your health first and get honest about what needs to change so that you can always feel amazing. So that you can always strive to be the best-version-of-yourself.

An easy way to start feeling amazing, is to eliminate products that have been exposing you to chemicals and toxins. In this article, studies have shown that those cleaning products that you buy off the shelf have been found to be just as impactful on your health as smoking a pack of cigarettes a day. Those candles you love? Same thing.

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So you do you–and you do what is necessary to feel amazing.

I’ll do me and what is necessary to feel amazing. AND, if you want to join me in ditching and switching to Young Living products, click here and select “Member.” Choose the starter kit you think is best for your household–contact me if you need help deciding which is best for you. I will in turn help you learn all the amazing things about Young Living products and introduce you to an amazing oil community. Win!


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3 drops Idaho Blue Spruce

3 drops Geranium

3 drops Grapefruit

3 drops Orange


You can also put Lemon Myrtle and Jasmine in the diffuser for a great, uplifting smell.



If you’ve known me for any length of time, or if you don’t know me at all, for that matter, you may have figured out a little quirk about me. I love to keep those that have chosen to love me unconditionally on their toes. ALL THE TIME.

And that my friends, is no exaggeration. I’m spontaneous, but I am not. I have horrible habits. I make terrible decisions. But, at the same time, I have fantastic habits and make fantastic decisions. I love to help wherever I am needed, I love to donate time, talent and treasure to organizations that are dear to my heart. I am literally all over the place.

And for YEARS I battled with this. “Be the person you’re supposed to be.” “Set goals to accomplish success.” “Just behave.”

Oh those phrases drove me crazy. I went to school to become an advertising extraordinaire. Five years into my career, I was miserable and had an unbelievable calling to be in the classroom.

So, I went to get my Masters and I became a teacher.

And I was there for almost 8 years–but then found myself miserable again. I mean– a deep, dark misery that stemmed from events completely out of my control. But as each event occurred, I found myself spiraling out of control into a place I didn’t want to be.

When you get into your headspace, really get into it, you realize that there is really only one shot at this life, and it really isn’t necessary to be miserable in your choices. So I made a conscious decision to find my new happy. To follow my joy.

Is that path easy? Absolutely not. It has twists, turns, bumps and dark places. It includes learning to live in a way that you have never lived before. New habits, new schedules, new everything. And it is overwhelming at times.

Why do I write all this for the world to read? Because, I want you to know that you are not alone. EVER. There is somebody, somewhere going through a very similar journey as you.

And most importantly, maybe you’re approaching a crossroads that is frightening and you are terrified to choose the wrong path. Just know this:

“Other people’s opinions are none of your business.”

I recently read “Girl, Wash Your Face-Stop Believing the Lies About Who You Are so You Can Become Who You Are Meant to Be” by Rachel Hollis. It has been very eye opening to say the least. If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend it.

Yep. IT IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS what others think of you. Because YOU DO YOU, good/bad/everything in between.

I don’t strive to be perfect anymore. I own up to my mistakes, I own up to my successes. I own up to my life. I strive to be imperfect — I’m perfect.

The best decision I have made in this turbulent year or so has been to join the oil community. It’s so much more than products. It’s a group of individuals that have come from every walk of life and joined together under one common passion: essential oils.

Sleep. Wellness promotion. You name it, there’s an oil for that. And a community that is so happy to walk you through the journey. If you are the least bit interested in what these can do for you, I encourage you to visit The Oily Life and join us (links are provided to get started). If oils aren’t your thing–still check it out, you will be surprised how versatile oils are for EVERYONE.

And I’m finding my happy. I want the same for you. If all you get from reading this stream of thought is that you are not alone, then I will be happy for you. Because you are not.

Let’s be perfectly imperfect together.


40 Days – Day 18

Baby Steps.

Break your dream down into baby steps. Why? Because do you REALLY want to be working a job, 40 hours+ a week that doesn’t fulfill you? That doesn’t make you the best-version-of-yourself?

It is so funny (not in a ha ha way, but in a way that I’ve finally stopped to listen kind of way) how loudly He is screaming at me today. First, I get an invitation to a bible study at my church. Next, I read a friend’s blog post about how she is making BIG steps to work toward her ultimate dream. Finally, I open up today’s Best Lent Ever and there it is. In black and white. Take baby steps. The Universe…HE…wants the very best for you and there is a whole universe of awesome out there waiting JUST FOR YOU.

And you know…there is only ONE thing on this planet stopping us from chasing our dreams, preventing us from truly becoming the best-version-of-ourselves, and that ONE thing is fear. Fear of not being good enough. Fear of failure. (Well, you know the only two failures are not trying at all, or quitting…everything else is a life lesson to be learned).

“The most common phrase that appears in the Bible: “Be not afraid.” “Do not be afraid.” Most common thing Jesus said: “Do not be afraid.” The most common thing Jesus said wasn’t “Love everybody.” The most common thing Jesus said wasn’t any of a thousand other things that people would say if you asked them on the street, “What do you think the most common thing Jesus said was?” Most people come up with, “Oh, love other people how you want to be loved,” or, you know, those kinds of things.

But no, the most common thing he said was “Don’t be afraid.”

We’re afraid of losing things. We’re afraid things won’t work out the way we want them to, or hope they will. We’re afraid of failing. And sometimes, we’re afraid of succeeding. But over and over again, God’s message to humanity: “Do not be afraid.” – Matthew Kelly

Today, focus on breaking your big dream down into baby steps. Break it down into baby steps. What are the steps between your current life and your dream? What steps can you take right now without turning your life on its head? Make a commitment to yourself that in the next twenty-four hours you will do something to take a step in the direction of the work that is better suited for you.

Tomorrow, I plan to map out time to start working on a motivation board. Because I am going to create my baby steps and I am going to reach my dream.


I HATE selfies. I just do not like them. I don’t feel like they capture me the way I want to see myself. So…is this a me thing or a selfie thing? WHAT are those dark circles under my eyes? Those wrinkles around my eyes? Why can I never achieve a good angle? And lets not start on duck lips. I look like a clown when I do those…


SO…here I am in all my selfie glory. I know you are reading this thinking–this doesn’t seem full of JOY and GRATITUDE. But there’s a point, I promise.

Yes, I hate selfies, but you know what? I do love myself. I love who I have been, mistakes and all, I love who I am and I love who I will become.

I love that my boys love me. I love that I have a tribe. I love that I have a huge family near and far that love me. I love that I have been so blessed in this life of mine.

And that is ALL the joy and gratitude I need.

So, maybe I hate selfies. I’ll just get someone else to take the picture.


40 Days – Day 15

Fulfillment at work.

Sometimes it gets mundane. Wake up, drag yourself out of bed, go to work, come home, repeat. Then you find yourself asking “is this worth it? Am I happy?” Sometimes, you’ll find that the answer is no. It’s absolutely not working. You are not happy. But you know what you do. Find something that MAKES you happy.

Because our God is a God of purpose. And he created us to want to work. To HAVE to work. He created us to be driven and to want to succeed. Matthew Kelly states today, “So what’s the purpose of work? What’s the meaning of work? The purpose of work is that when we work well, when we work hard, when we pay attention to the details of our work, we become a-better-version-of-ourselves. And it’s like you can almost feel it happening.

So if you are not fired up about what you are doing, stop. LISTEN. He’s probably telling you something very important. You just have to slow down and listen to what He is saying.

The primary purpose of work is that when we work hard, when we apply ourselves to our work, when we pay attention to the details of our work, we actually become better human beings.”

Today’s focus is this: We all spend too much time working not to be able to experience a deep satisfaction from our work.

Today’s call to action is: Work hard and well, paying attention to the details of your work—even if your work is menial or less meaningful than you would like it to be. Consciously acknowledge that each hour of work, each task, is an opportunity to grow in virtue and character and become a-better-version-of-yourself.



You know what I did today? Something I have NEVER been able to do because my schedule has NEVER allowed it. I went to church with J Man. And when he first saw me, oh man, my Mama heart melted at the look of pure, radiant joy that spread across his face. THESE are the moments I live for.

I may mess up. I may mess up BAD. But if I don’t get up, brush myself off and keep trucking along, who am I hurting? It’s not all about me anymore. I have two little people that depend on me. Whose faces light up when I surprise them on a Friday morning by going to Mass.

And THAT, my friends, is priceless. So, do I wake up and go to a 8-5 job every day? Nope. But I work. I work hard, with intention, so that I can have these moments to share with my little boys.

I’m going to jump off now because I’m going to get them both from school and take them to play outside in this glorious weather.

Happy Friday!


40 Days – Day 6

Being perfectly imperfect.

This is the title of today’s Dynamic Catholic video. That is something we all are very good at doing. One of the greatest themes in Christian spirituality is self-awareness. God constantly wants us to work to getting to know ourselves more intimately: our strengths, our weaknesses, faults, flaws, failings, defects, abilities, desires, yearnings. All of these things give us a foundation about who God wants us to be. About how He has built you to become the best-version-of-yourself.

This is where that pesky debate of fate vs. free will comes into play. Many of us choose to look at our lives and say “I am in control” or “I get to choose.” There is your free will. Others will say, God created me this way so that I can discover who He wants me to be. There is your fate. Which side of the debate to you fall more to?

I’m digging the latter of the two. When I learn more about myself, I am learning more about Him and becoming closer to the best-version-of-myself.

“God has created you—incredibly unique human being—and he wants you to discover and celebrate that incredibly unique human being. And then he wants you to go out into the world and offer your gifts to the rest of humanity. That’s why discovering who we are is so important. And that’s why God wants you to discover who you are, not on a surface level, but deep, deep, deep . . . in a really, very deep way, so that you can go into the world confident of who God has created you to be.” – Matthew Kelly

What a powerful concept. I am an incredibly unique human being, with gifts to give to the world. When one door closes, another will open and my love and compassion will be there waiting to burst through. What is pulling at your heart? Stop. Listen. He’s talking to you. He’s telling you what your unique talents and abilities are–and how to use them to bring LOVE and JOY to this world.

What are your unique talents and abilities? Focus that you cannot do anything you set your mind to. Well, not alone at least. INTENTION and FOCUS are great places to start, but also know that God has a dream specifically for you. Ask him–no, beg him–to show you pieces of that dream a little each day. Listen for that pull from deep within you.

Jesus, give me the courage to seek not worldly success but inner peace by being faithful to who I truly am—wonderfully and uniquely created by God.



So. I have a tribe. And they are a fierce, loyal, dedicated tribe. Most of them have been in my lives for over 20 years, some longer, some shorter. But they are my people. They are not all pictured because apparently, some of us have problems ever remembering to take pictures together.

There is a song by Ellie Goulding called “Army” (please excuse the language if that offends you).

If you don’t have a tribe or an army–do yourself a favor in your search for JOY and GRATITUDE: FIND YOUR TRIBE. Because without that support, nothing else really matters much in the grand scheme of things.

To my Tribe, my army. Thank you. Thank you for the good days. Thank you for the bad days. Thank you for all the days in between.