So, let's rewind back to the Mommy version of me just a few months ago. May to be exact. THAT mommy was still on schedules and had routines. THAT mommy was ambitious. Look. She even made some awesome signage to hang in the kitchen that would allow her and child to track kiddo's progress together.

THAT mommy wasn't going to let the summer slump hit her house. Nope. No way.

Wasn't she cute?

She always is. She's always got huge plans. Last summer, she actually did keep up with her summer sign (the Summer Bucket List), so maybe she thought "I've done it before, I'll do it again."

Who knows. I mean I know she and I are the same person, for sure, but I have slept since then, and I honestly cannot remember just what she was thinking.

Because, let's examine those pictures a little closer.

June Calendar of activities to do for school

June Summer Slump Prevention Calendar


Do you see what it says? It says June. Yep. Do you also notice not ONE day is crossed off? Yep.

Y'all. It's AUGUST. And not ONE DAY of June is crossed off (insert face slap emoji or eye roll emoji here).


Yesterday, I had lunch with a dear friend and I brought up my epic Summer Slump Buster fail. I was embarrassed bringing it up because I had failed so miserably (or terrific-ly if you're the optimistic type). But, I'm glad I brought it up to my friend.

Because I brought it up, I learned, that yet again, I am not alone in the world of epic mommy fails.

She had just gotten back from the library where she returned multiple books and audios that had not been read. She returned them because they were due. Not ONE of them had been opened.


Because let's get real. There are some very awesome mommys out there that not only get THAT calendar done, they also keep a Summer Bucket List and a Summer Menu and whatever else their creative minds can come up with. I know they exist. I have a very good friend that mastered that art many years ago and I love watching the updates of her success on social media.

Yes, those mommys exist. But so do the mommys that have the very best intentions and instead let late nights, late mornings, swimming pools, giggles and yes, for sanity purposes, screen time happen. And the good intentions get pushed further and further back.

Then, you wake up and it's August 1st.

So, I'm going to go grab a chapter book (the boy's very first chapter book, we're starting the Harry Potter series, be still this mommy heart) and grab the wriggly boy and read. So maybe he will be refreshed when school starts in two weeks.

Or maybe not.

We'll see what the October version of myself has to report.

Meanwhile, help a mommy out and post a mommy fail of your own in the comments below. And, let's be real. I'm saying "Mommy" but that could mean daddy, aunt, uncle, grandparent, sister, brother...pretty much anyone responsible for another human being.



Written by Shay Rafferty
I help families shift to living live a life of wellness and abundance by using natural, plant-based products.