RockTown Mints

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Rock Town Graphic 2018

Hey y’all! We are SOOOOO very happy you’re here!

One+ year ago when my family started on this crazy wellness adventure,  I was essentially alone. I mean my husband even thought I was grasping at straws by getting started with essential oils. (Little did he know that cold December night…)

So. I THOUGHT I was alone. I was just a mama doing crazy things to take care of my kids, without a LOCAL support team or friends who understood what I was trying. Because I still feel that way sometimes, and I KNOW I will always remember that first feeling of being thought of as a crazy oil lady or voodoo-ish or whatever else was thrown my way, the community of my team has become incredibly important to me!

Several months into this oil journey, I decided my oily journey friends needed a name and since me and my Rocktown partner in crime (and most everyone on our budding team) were from Little Rock, we decided to christian ourselves as the Rocktown Mints. Thus – our little team began!

Today as I sit here, we are a group of 110+ families striving to make better choices for our families. Oils are only one facet of the lifestyle choices and changes we’ve made in my household, but they’re the big choice… they are the choice that changed the way I view my time, my talent, my priorities, my everything.

We are ALWAYS welcoming new families and new members to Rocktown Mints and we know you’ll enjoy being one of us. Go find the RockTown Mint who sent you to this page… or feel free to reach out to me personally. You can grab your starter kit and get rolling along into this amazing oil journey here!