I love finding projects to do. And I have a tendency to obsess with things. Right now–my obsession is cutting vinyl. I’m leaving this page open in case I decide to offer designs/products at some point, in some future.

We’re all Mama Bears
Find Your Happy Yoga Tank
Gift basket created for a silent auction. 2 Mama Bear aluminum cups (to put all your oily favorites in–or wine, you know, whatevs), for the mama that needs all the energy: 2 packs of Ningxia Red, 2 cans of Ningxia Zyng, and 2 tubes of Ningxia Nitro. For the mama that has to deal with the messes: 1 package Seedlings Baby Wipes. For the Mama that needs to unwind: 1 package of Stress Away Bath Bombs, 1 bottle of Gratitude essential oil (because even on the hardest days, we are still so grateful), 1 roller bottle of Happy (Joy and Orange essential oils mixed with V6 carrier) and 1 roller bottle of Stress Away.
Because all mom squads need matching cups.
Ready for St. Patty’s 2018