Dear Essential Oil Skeptic,

I want to take a few minutes to talk to you today. NOT to try to sell you something. NOT to try to push you into something you’re not sure about. Only to try to give you some evidence based research that essential oils are not a fad. That essential oils have the potential to be something amazing for humans and animals alike. That essential oils could save us from harmful chemicals and toxins we are currently exposing ourselves to.

In an article published by The Atlantic in January 2015, the use of essential oils on farm animals and humans alike is discussed at length. Rather than rewrite an already amazingly written article, I’m just going to share some key points on this post. This article also links claims to peer reviewed studies published on (for those of you that love to hear from the medical profession).

“Faced with increasingly drug-resistant bacteria, scientists and farmers are now looking to plant extracts to keep people and animals healthy.”

“The loss of antibiotics due to antimicrobial resistance is potentially one of the most important challenges the medical and animal-health communities will face in the 21st century,” says Dr. Cyril Gay, the senior national program leader at the United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Agricultural Research Service.”

Ok, me again. Let’s talk about this. Bacteria and viruses are shifting and changing and becoming non-responsive to antibiotics and anti-bacterial medications and products.


“Essential oils are ultimately just plant extracts—and those are used in countless cleaning and personalcareproducts, and are the main ingredient in some pest-control products and some over-the-counter medications, like Vick’s VapoRub and some lice sprays. They’re used in the food industry because of their preservative potency against food-borne pathogens—thanks to their antimicrobial, antibacterial, and antifungal properties. Various oils have also been shown to effectively treat a wide range of common health issues such as nausea and migraines, and a rapidly growing body of research is finding that they are powerful enough to kill human cancer cells of the breastcolonmouthskin, and more.”


But let’s make it simpler. Let’s just examine your regular old hand sanitizer. Look at the results below:


Gross? Yep. What can you do about it? Ahh. Well, Young Living makes a hand sanitizer using Thieves and Peppermint oil. Lucky for you!! (and me–you better believe I have this sanitizer at my desk at school and I’m diffusing Peppermint. Superbugs STAY AWAY)


[Dr. Nicole M. Parrish, associate professor of pathology at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and associate director of medical mycobacteriology at The Johns Hopkins Hospital, who co-authored a recent review on the potential use of essential oils as alternatives or supplements to antibiotics] says that essential oils contain some of the most potent antimicrobial compounds available, and that furthering our understanding of them may lead to the development of entirely new classes of drugs. “Let us all hope the prevailing wind changes to move this field of research forward.”

So, click on the article and read all the goodness for yourself. And then think to yourself, “should I really be such a skeptic? Maybe these essential oils are worth giving a try.”

And guess what?!?!? I’ll be RIGHT HERE waiting for you! I will show you how to use oils so that you can maximize their use. I will answer any questions you might have. I will invite you to an amazing community that loves to help everyone learn and love essential oils. And I will be so excited to have you join the #oilylife. You can click here to get the a starter kit. You can also read about oils on Our Little World by clicking here.




Written by Shay Rafferty
I help families shift to living live a life of wellness and abundance by using natural, plant-based products.