Do you ever find yourself thinking "there's GOT to be something better than this" or "There has got to be an easier way..." A way to get what is absolute best for my family, in wellness, in fulfillment, in freedom. 

That was me at about 11pm on a December night in 2016.

I was literally sitting at my kitchen counter in TEARS because my then 4 year old refused to go to sleep. Just flat out refused. And me? I just wanted some quiet time. I just wanted MOMMY time. That was all.

That night, my life changed forever. I was surfing Facebook, tuning out every argument the kid was throwing at me, and came across a post about how essential oils helped a friend of mine with her daughter. I messaged her--and within 30 minutes of chatting with her, I became the proud new owner of a Premium Starter Kit--and...

My life was changed. 

I did not know at the time that what else came with that beautiful little kit of 11 oils and a diffuser was my chance to start my very own business. That I could manage on my own schedule. I didn't realize then that I was really tired of other people dictating my schedule day in and out. I was really tired of missing my kids' field trips and opportunities to eat lunch with them at school.

It's more than a bottle, it's a lifestyle.

I am a devoted oil user and work each and every day to bring only the safest, plant-based products into my house.

So...I bet you're wondering if the kid ever slept?

He did.


Freedom is Yours.

I am also a network marketer that has seen great success because the product I stand behind literally sells itself. I am a part of an amazing community that relishes in helping others. I am always thrilled to welcome someone into this journey and love the relationships I develop with my team mates around the world.

And best of all? I'm a stay-at-home mommy now.

This community consists of people that have full time jobs, part time jobs, stay at home moms, and literally everyone in between. They all have the goal to bring wellness and fulfillment into every household on this planet.

I'd love to have you JOIN ME and see just how far we can go.

So, I'm so happy you're here. And I want you to feel like you know me! Because, that is the most important thing in any relationship.

Meet My People

You wouldn't truly get to know me if I didn't introduce you to the most important people in my life. This is my little world, and it consists of my best friend, partner-in-crime and husband, Tim, our two little boys, J and Clay, and our two pups, Tyson (the boxer) and Peyton (the frenchton).

We call Arkansas home and love all things sports, to be outside, to play board games and simply live life to the fullest.

If you want to catch up on us from 2015 back, you can head on over to the old blog.

small child at TCU stadium

Let me know how I can help you begin this journey to wellness, fulfillment and freedom! Better yet, let's just get you started HERE.