Give yourself a chance to turn it all around.

Live in the moment. Not in the past, not in the future. Right now.

When you let your mind fill with thoughts about yesterday or what will happen tomorrow, you miss the big things. Like your little boy running at you full force to give you a huge hug. Or your best friend needing some quality girl time.

Invite God in your decision making process. Ask Him to show you your path. Be diligent with your time, be PATIENT with your time (I know, easier to type than to act out). Let Go and Let God.

From Best Lent Ever:

I think, very often, when we do come to sort of watershed moments in our lives, we come to God, and we say, “Alright God, I’ll do whatever you ask me to do . . .” sometimes our expectation is God then is going to turn around and just show us the whole plan so that we can go off and do the whole plan. But God reveals the plan one step at a time. And as we fulfill the plan, that step—as we are faithful in that one step—then he reveals the next step. And it takes great patience, I think, to cooperate with God, to collaborate with God, in that way.

One of the things that prevents us from cooperating with God, from collaborating with God, in that patient, one-step-at-a-time way, is worry. We worry about things. We worry about, “Well what if this happens?” Or, “What if that happens?” Or, “What if this other thing happens?” And God is constantly calling us back from that and saying, “Focus on the moment. Focus on the moment. Be completely present in the moment. Be completely aware of what’s happening to you, in you, around you in this moment.”

That present-moment awareness . . . Wow, that’s a beautiful thing. That present-moment awareness is an incredible gift. A very, very powerful spiritual gift. You want to ask God to give you something? Ask God to give you present-moment awareness. Ask him to give you the awareness to be aware of what is happening when it’s actually happening.

When you can be aware of your now, you can manifest much bigger and better things to come into your life. Today’s call for action invites us to just do the next right thing, and you’ll see how uncannily clear the next step will become.


IMG_0870.JPGHello happy. Y’all this is my absolute FAVORITE room of my house. I have all things I love in here…this is also where I work. And how awesome is it that I have little helpers?

A lot of my personal development calls for minimal–simple–clean. Clearly, my personality screams out in this room, because it is ANYTHING but minimal. But this room makes me so happy. I can sit in here for hours if my boys would let me (yeah–they don’t let me, lol).

I challenge you to find your spot. Love it, adore it. Let that joy manifest into much more. Sometimes it is as simple as just finding your spot.

Written by Shay Rafferty
I help families shift to living live a life of wellness and abundance by using natural, plant-based products.