The myth of happiness.

So the great myth of our day and age is that if we do anything we want, we will find that perfect path to happiness. Guess what? As evidenced by the pure anger, hate and vitriol we witness day in and day out in our society, we know that doing whatever we want is not leading us to a road of happiness.

Think about it. If you are out trolling social media and blogs and spouting negative energy–are you TRULY happy with yourself? Or, is there something deep down, that is telling you that just wasn’t the right thing to say–and you may have truly hurt someone by saying it.

Live your life with an open mind and an open heart.  It is said that the influence of the moon will affect your life whether you believe in it or not, but true manifestation comes from believing in what is not known and having faith. And to truly believe what is not known and have true, unadulterated faith, you need discipline.

And it’s not just formal discipline. It’s also routine. Like, don’t leave the house without saying “I love you.” Don’t let your boys go without a hug and kiss (while they’re still young enough to let you do such a thing).

God wants absolute, pure joy for you. How mind blowing is that?!?!? That there is someone out there that only wants PURE JOY for you. And ok, maybe you don’t think it’s God. Maybe you think it’s a Universal Idea. But it’s there. There is no denying that. You manifest this powerful energy into your life by using discipline. Discipline to pray, to meditate, to follow routines…and then your happiness follows.

Just the thought of that powers me up BIG TIME.

So don’t say “I can’t.” Or “I don’t believe” (because we’ve already discussed that whole believing concept). Just put your mind to it and go.

Start with baby steps. Prioritize your areas of discipline with what needs the most work (#1 on the list) and what needs the least work (last on the list). Then set out your means to accomplish these disciplines.

The Universe is an awesomely, amazing place, and it (and He) wants NOTHING more than you to be completely happy.



You know, you can have all the joy in the world, but if you aren’t thankful for what you have, it can backfire on you. Jen Sincero (of the “You are a BadAss” series) gives a great example of this. Think about a group of kiddos hard at play. You bake them cookies. Some of the kiddos inhale the cookies so fast, it’s hard for you to believe they have even registered that they have eaten them. No thanks, just back off to play. Then the next set of kiddos eat the cookies, may even give you a thanks, but then return to their play. But there is ALWAYS that one kid. The one that stays behind, and not only tells you thank you, but then offers to help you clean up after his friends.

You know where that kid gets with his gratitude? A WHOLE LOT FURTHER than those other kids. I can tell you, as a parent and a former teacher, that it is a lot easier to help those that are appreciative of your efforts than those that don’t show it, or are not appreciative of it at all. Yes, that kid DOES get the biggest piece of cake. Or the first turn on a fabulous new toy. Because he is THANKFUL for it.


Written by Shay Rafferty
I help families shift to living live a life of wellness and abundance by using natural, plant-based products.