LIVE what YOU believe.

Sit down. Write your affirmations–center those affirmations around what you believe. Then put those affirmations EVERYWHERE. Your mirrors, your car, your desk at work, your kitchen. Put them where you can see them all day, every day.

We ALL have beliefs. We ALL believe in things. One might say “well, an atheist doesn’t believe in God.” Right, he doesn’t. But he BELIEVES that there is no God. And so, as Matthew Kelly kindly points out today, there is belief in EVERYTHING. And we ALL have them.

“What creates the split in us, what creates the divided life that we’ve been talking about and reading about in Perfectly Yourself, is when we start to live separate from our beliefs. When we separate our actions from our beliefs, it’s a recipe for disaster. When we separate our actions from what we believe, it’s a recipe for unhappiness. It’s a recipe for misery in many, many different forms.

And so the great challenge of our day to day living is to align those beliefs with our actions. Don’t believe one thing and then do something entirely different. That divides you–and you are striving to become that authentic, best-version-of-yourself.

So, today, sit down and write out your beliefs (I did a lot of them yesterday, so yippee, I’m a step ahead!). Then create affirmations to force you into action to LIVE those beliefs. Also, take the time to pray or meditate specifically on these beliefs. Train your mind to act on them. You’ll be oh so happy you did!


Oh how I love Fridays! I work hours and hours Monday-Thursday so I can set Friday aside to do things I love to do. Today, I’m giving my safe haven (my back deck) a bit of a makeover. This is my favorite place in the world. I’m sitting high in the trees, with the view of Chenal Valley (for those of you that don’t know–it is a gorgeous area of my city that is still plentiful in forests and wildlife). I grab a book or a devotional and I just relax. But, it is in dire need of some TLC, so today, I’m going to do that. And that just makes me giddy.


I also love Fridays because I get to go to church with my J Man. I love starting my day with him snuggling up to me and listening to Monsignor address all the precious hearts at J’s school. It just brings a huge smile to my face.

I ALSO love Fridays because I go and pick up J Man early and we do things just the two of us. It is OUR time. His little brother is so demanding, that J sometimes unintentionally gets overlooked. So I love that the two of us have this time together. Where is is the CENTER of my attention. You can see his joy in his eyes and smile. And I love that. I’m so thankful I can give him that joy. Makes this mama heart so very happy.

Written by Shay Rafferty
I help families shift to living live a life of wellness and abundance by using natural, plant-based products.