Baby Steps.

Break your dream down into baby steps. Why? Because do you REALLY want to be working a job, 40 hours+ a week that doesn’t fulfill you? That doesn’t make you the best-version-of-yourself?

It is so funny (not in a ha ha way, but in a way that I’ve finally stopped to listen kind of way) how loudly He is screaming at me today. First, I get an invitation to a bible study at my church. Next, I read a friend’s blog post about how she is making BIG steps to work toward her ultimate dream. Finally, I open up today’s Best Lent Ever and there it is. In black and white. Take baby steps. The Universe…HE…wants the very best for you and there is a whole universe of awesome out there waiting JUST FOR YOU.

And you know…there is only ONE thing on this planet stopping us from chasing our dreams, preventing us from truly becoming the best-version-of-ourselves, and that ONE thing is fear. Fear of not being good enough. Fear of failure. (Well, you know the only two failures are not trying at all, or quitting…everything else is a life lesson to be learned).

“The most common phrase that appears in the Bible: “Be not afraid.” “Do not be afraid.” Most common thing Jesus said: “Do not be afraid.” The most common thing Jesus said wasn’t “Love everybody.” The most common thing Jesus said wasn’t any of a thousand other things that people would say if you asked them on the street, “What do you think the most common thing Jesus said was?” Most people come up with, “Oh, love other people how you want to be loved,” or, you know, those kinds of things.

But no, the most common thing he said was “Don’t be afraid.”

We’re afraid of losing things. We’re afraid things won’t work out the way we want them to, or hope they will. We’re afraid of failing. And sometimes, we’re afraid of succeeding. But over and over again, God’s message to humanity: “Do not be afraid.” – Matthew Kelly

Today, focus on breaking your big dream down into baby steps. Break it down into baby steps. What are the steps between your current life and your dream? What steps can you take right now without turning your life on its head? Make a commitment to yourself that in the next twenty-four hours you will do something to take a step in the direction of the work that is better suited for you.

Tomorrow, I plan to map out time to start working on a motivation board. Because I am going to create my baby steps and I am going to reach my dream.


I HATE selfies. I just do not like them. I don’t feel like they capture me the way I want to see myself. So…is this a me thing or a selfie thing? WHAT are those dark circles under my eyes? Those wrinkles around my eyes? Why can I never achieve a good angle? And lets not start on duck lips. I look like a clown when I do those…


SO…here I am in all my selfie glory. I know you are reading this thinking–this doesn’t seem full of JOY and GRATITUDE. But there’s a point, I promise.

Yes, I hate selfies, but you know what? I do love myself. I love who I have been, mistakes and all, I love who I am and I love who I will become.

I love that my boys love me. I love that I have a tribe. I love that I have a huge family near and far that love me. I love that I have been so blessed in this life of mine.

And that is ALL the joy and gratitude I need.

So, maybe I hate selfies. I’ll just get someone else to take the picture.


Written by Shay Rafferty
I help families shift to living live a life of wellness and abundance by using natural, plant-based products.