Find your passion.

If you could do ANYTHING, what would you do? Would you sell your house, by an RV and travel to all the sporting events you wanted to attend (because that is certainly what my husband would say). Would you sell your house, load up all your belongings in a storage unit and live the nomad lifestyle–traveling from place to place, living, learning, loving? Would you dedicate all your time to that non-profit that pulls on your heart strings?

A lot of us never REALLY think about what we would do, because we believe it is simple not possible to achieve. But guess what? This great big, awesome universe has great plans for you. He has great plans for you.

So start with this:

  1. Give yourself 5-10 minutes and really think about what you want to do. Make a list about things you’re passionate about. FIND YOUR PASSION.
  2. Ask yourself questions like this:
    1. What energizes you?
    2. If you could do anything with the rest of your life, what would that look like?
    3. What do you do that time passes by very quickly?

Matthew Kelly tells us to find our passion today. Become a better-version-of-yourself. MANIFEST what you want.

FOCUS: Who is God calling you to become? The secret is finding what you are well suited for.

ACT: Take a few minutes and make a list of your passions. Write everything down—anything that excites you, anything that energizes you. Just write it all down.

An added side note to you today. You have found yourself on my blog and you’re thinking, I’m not interested in all that spiritual stuff. Or…I’m not Catholic…or I’m not Christian…or I don’t believe in any of that. Guess what? That’s OK. One of my challenges during this Lent is to post every day about becoming the best-version-of-myself, and I truly believe, that whether you have the same faith as me or not, that you can certainly benefit from these lessons as well. Most of the time, this blog will truly be about kids, oils–and then repeat. Because THAT is what I am passionate about.


I want to stand from the mountain tops and share with the world my kids and my love for Young Living essential oils.

Because, you know what? This world out here in internet land can lead you to believe that EVERYONE else has it perfect. That EVERYONE else has it figured out. And guess what? EVERYONE else does NOT have it figured out nor are they perfect.

And I’m here to show you just THAT. I’m raising Little Monsters. There is definitely never a dull moment here in RaffsLittleWorld, but there are definitely frustrating times and there are definitely joy filled times. And I’m okay with that. Do I have tips to save the world? Absolutely not. But can I show you that you are not alone in your frustrations, your slip ups, your not so perfect moments? Absolutely.

I can also show you how incorporating essential oils in your routine can improve your lifestyle.

So I hope you are enjoying these posts. It’s been awfully quiet, so I am really ready to get some feedback about what you think. Let today be the day you comment! Tell me about yourself.

Til tomorrow–


Written by Shay Rafferty
I help families shift to living live a life of wellness and abundance by using natural, plant-based products.