Find meaning in your everyday living.

Work. We all work A LOT. If you start right out of college and work 40 hour weeks until you retire at 65, you will have worked apx. 86,400 hours. That’s a lot of your time. But like Matthew Kelly talked about yesterday, we have to work. And we have to find fulfillment in our work.

Today, he talks about find meaning in your work. So you’re going to work. Human nature demands that you do work. That you find fulfillment in your life. How do you make your work meaningful? Well easy answers would be become a teacher and help someone become the best version of themselves. Become a doctor and help someone heal. But what about all those other jobs in between? Not all of us can be teachers or doctors. So, if you are a fast food worker, smile and wish everyone a happy day. You could literally be saving a life by just smiling at a stranger. As a financial adviser, sit down and truly work with your clients. Show them you truly care about them and their situation.

Bring meaning to your work. Turn it into prayer. Say, “I will work this hour in prayers for my mother and her joy.” The next hour, say “I will work this hour in prayer for my children, that they remain safe, healthy and free from disease.” So on…

Life is prayer.

Transform your everyday moments to prayer. I will clean and put away these dishes in prayer of gratitude for having a roof over my head.

Find intention. Be purposeful. You will find very quickly that intention and purpose can elevate your work.

Today’s focus is this: Find something that you consider worthy of your talent and character, and give yourself to it.

Today’s call to action is: Let God guide you in the pursuit of your dreams. Ask him, “God, what do you think I should do?”

If you’d like, I’d love to hear what you have done today. Come back and comment here and let’s open up a chat. Because community is so important, too.



Kids. Oils. Repeat. This is my life and I love every minute of it.

For 8 years I was a teacher. And for many of those years, I loved being there. But at the end of last year, I started getting a pull at my heart that I wasn’t in the right place. I wasn’t where God wanted me anymore. So, I slowed down and started listening.

Then my husband and I started talking. I wasn’t present in the lives of my children because I was struggling to keep the work separate and failing miserably. So, we decided that it was time for me to leave teaching and to bring my focus to my children, my husband, my home. And you know what happened? I grew in faith. I grew in character. And I grew in Young Living.

I am a proud independent distributor of Young Living, and I took my passion for teaching and applied it to essential oils. I love to connect and teach people how to use and then fall in love with Young Living products.

So–you’ll notice the theme of this blog–kids, oils, repeat. Because that is my intention and purpose. To be the best mother I can be to my little monsters and to bring safe, natural products to every home I possibly can.

And my little monsters bring me so much JOY and are truly my inspiration to wake up every single morning. I am so thankful God put my friend’s posts in front of me that cold December 2016 night that my kid was REFUSING to go to bed for like the 10th day in a row. Because He brought me Young Living with those posts on social media. Young Living brought me purpose in my work.

MOMMY. OILER. I’ve found meaning. And it’s glorious.

Written by Shay Rafferty
I help families shift to living live a life of wellness and abundance by using natural, plant-based products.