What do you respect?

You know–what a profound question. Because you have the obvious: success, joy, passion. But what about the not so obvious? Think about the people you TRULY respect in this world. What are their characteristics? WHY do you respect them?

Matthew Kelly talks about VIRTUE today. “It’s people who are patient, people who are kind, people who are generous, people who are courageous, people who are living virtues. I respect virtue because it’s something infinitely more important than success.”

Let your focus today be this: There is simply nothing more attractive than virtue. What are your virtues? What are NOT your virtues? If I could get a penny for everytime I tell someone patience is not my virtue, I’d be a very rich woman. *sigh* But I know this–so I work each day to become more patient (especially with my little monsters, because they deserve it).

We go through seasons in our lives, and this particular season is the most challenging on my patience. But then it will go and a new season will arrive. And one of my other virtues will be challenged. You know what? That’s ok. Because as long as I’m constantly working on building my character and improving my virtues, even in the dark seasons, I will still be ok.



One of my GREATEST downtime joys is to curl up with a good book. Books help me to become a better-version-of-myself. Books help me to escape the day to day living and take adventures through the great unknown, or through history, or through post-apocalyptic times. Each book I read, rather fact or fiction, teaches me something new about myself and about this world I live in.

Tell me…what is your favorite downtime joy?

Written by Shay Rafferty
I help families shift to living live a life of wellness and abundance by using natural, plant-based products.