Best Lent Ever

So, today we are encouraged to think about the future. Yesterday, we were told to live in the now. Today, we can think about what happens next.

In order to be the best-version-of yourself, you want to have a good, no, a GREAT character. Think about someone with a not so great character. How does that person make you feel? Do you want others to feel that way about you? I don’t know about you, but I certainly do not. I want people to think about me and say, “she is only human. She makes mistakes. But you know what? She is a great person, with great character.” That is the ultimate compliment and I strive each and every day to get there.

The building blocks of a great character are virtues. Things like patience, and kindness, and generosity and courage. Be kind. Smile at a stranger. Then continue to build your virtues as each day goes on. Become that person you want everyone to think of you as.

Because when difficult moments come (and we all know we’re going to have some), what happens is your TRUE character is revealed. The very core of your existence is revealed for the whole world to see. Remember, you want them to see you as great person.

Character is the best investment you can make in the future you and in the future of those you love. To build that great character, choose a habit that will help you strengthen your character.


One thing that brings me great joy and makes me really sit down and examine what I am truly grateful for is my daily prayer and meditation routines. I already talked to you about my prayer routine, so today, I will focus on meditation.


I’ve been practicing meditation for almost a year now. I can always tell when I’m not giving myself the proper time. I start to feel it at my very core. Meditating has helped me make some very big, very crucial life changes. And I’m a better-version-of-myself because of it.

Meditating allows me to examine all aspects of my life. For awhile, I was having to do it in spurts–bits and pieces of time I could sneak away (driving, at lunch, etc). And I could feel myself starting to miss it terribly.

Meditation can be intimidating. Especially if you have a mind like mine (squirrel!). But thankfully, there’s an app (or several) for that! My personal favorite is Headspace. It starts at the very beginning of the meditation process and slowly walks you through learning how to get in your mind.

Another place I love to meditate is the Arkansas Prayer House. It is a hidden little gem off Chenal and is just so serene. So peaceful. Use a search engine to see if there is something like this in your area.

Finally, bringing essential oils into your meditation is very helpful. Today, I’m diffusing Lavender, Orange and Peppermint to bring pep into my step. Sometimes, I diffuse an oil that relates to the concept I am personally wanting to manifest in my life (i.e. Abundance, Acceptance, Believe, Highest Potential, etc). Other times I just need to be grounded and get my mind level headed, so I use oils like Vetiver and Cedarwood. If you have never tried oils or are not sure how to get started, please, leave a comment here or contact me on the Contact page and I will be ever so happy to get you started on this journey.


I challenge you to set aside 15-20 minutes a day for yourself and begin the meditating practice. I promise, you’ll love yourself for it.

I hope everyone stays dry and safe out there. My little state is getting pounded with rain and severe storms.


Written by Shay Rafferty
I help families shift to living live a life of wellness and abundance by using natural, plant-based products.