Today marks the beginning of Lent… This is our time to reflect on our lives–ask of our Father as Jesus did in the Garden of Gethsemane, “Father, you have the power to do all things. Take this cup away from me. But let it be as you would have it, not as I.” How would He have it, not I?

I participate in Best Lent Ever by Dynamic Catholic and I love it. I look forward to the time I set aside each day to focus and reflect on all things. I look forward to meditation and prayer.

Matthew Kelly just speaks to me. Here is my thoughts of the message he sent today: Lent is a beautiful thing and honestly, one of my favorite time periods of the year. It causes me to slow down–reflect on my relationship with Christ, my family, my friends, myself. It builds up to Spring, a time to burst free to be the best version of ourselves. To improve our relationships, to burst forward in a new springtime. What’s your springtime? Is it your relationship with your spouse? Being a better parent? Better health and well-being? Your career?

Great reflections to think about. What will your new springtime be?

I’m choosing JOY and GRATITUDE. With those two things solid in my heart and soul, everything else just seems to fall into place. Each day I will meditate and pray with JOY and GRATITUDE as my center. I will focus on my health and well being. I will become the best version of myself. What are you doing for Lent?

DAY 1 -Joy and Gratitude


This is my world. My boys. They are the first thing I thank God for every single morning and the last thing I thank God for every single night. Because he has blessed me BIG with these fellows. And because I’m so blessed, my heart is filled with Joy. 

Written by Shay Rafferty
I help families shift to living live a life of wellness and abundance by using natural, plant-based products.